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It's that time of year again. The polls are open! You have until februari 14th to send in your list with your 40 best hip hop tracks ever made. Put your all-time favorites in a Spotify playlist: 25 minimum, 40 max. and submit the link to your playlist in the field below. Don’t have Spotify? No worries. Just write down your list and submit. 

Thanks! List sent in.

2020 CHART:
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HIPHOP2000 2020.3.jpg
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On to the next one...

To be honest, the Dutch Radio 2 Top2000 has become a time long tradition coming years end. But even though hiphop has become more and more popular the last decade, there is still very little hiphop in that chart. So let's just make a list only with the best hiphop songs ever. The HipHop2000.

We started with just a few friends, compiling a list of their own, just for fun. They asked a few more friends to send in their all-time hiphop favorites and a shortlist was born.

After a while colleagues, siblings, music stations and sneakerheads got wind of it. Soon, personalized lists came in from Canada, Estonia and Australia. The love for hiphop is everywhere. Making it a hell of a job to count all the votes, but resulting in the first hiphop Top-101. From Run-DMC to J. Cole, form Biggie to Pac, from then to now.

2023 is already the 8th year we're compiling a new list. Check out the Spotify list or the chart above for inspiration and send in your votes!

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