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It's not that hard, but here's the answer to a couple of your questions:

Can I only send in 40 votes? That's impossible man...

Yeah, we have to be strikt there, we have to draw a line somewhere. Fewer than 40 however is allowed. 

When is the deadline for sending in the list?

You can send in your list until the 31st of December! That gives us some time so sort shit out.

I have an alter-ego, can he send in a list as well?


No, 1 list each. You're not Slim Shady


I want to send in a list, but I'm afraid my homies will make fun of me.

No sweat, hiphop is a dish with many flavors. There is no right or wrong. So just send it in!


My granny also knows a shit load about hiphop. Can she send in her list as well?

Your granny? Very dope! Of course, family, friends and colleagues can join just as well. So spread the word!

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