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This year we are doing something different... Instead of a new ranking, this year we will be looking for your G.A.O.A.T.: Greatest Album Of All Time.


The 128 most popular albums will compete head to head against each other every day. You can vote every day via our Stories. Until there is one album left.

The tournament schedule and participants will be constructed based on your top 10s! So drop your top 10 below and vote for your favorites via our Insta account in the coming months. Nominations can be submitted until May 1, 2024, and we will start the battles shortly afterwards

Thanks, your list has been submitted!

2020 CHART:
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On to the next one...

To be fair, the Top2000 has really become a tradition at the end of the year. But we kept wondering: why is there so little hip hop in it? 'Why isn't there HipHop2000?'. A list of the best hip hop ever made?


With that in mind, we started a list in private at the end of 2016. What if we ask some friends to submit a list of their all-time hip-hop favorites? Will we then come up with a cool, own ranking purely for enthusiasts? This is a fun event for all involved and many entries were pouring in in no time.

But then colleagues, brothers and sisters, music channels and sneakerheads got wind of it. Lists from Canada, Estonia and Australia were coming in. The love for hip hop was everywhere! It was hell to count everything, but it resulted in a legendary first top 101. From Run DMC to J. Cole. From Biggie to Opgezwolle. From past to present.

2023 is already the eighth time that we have made a new list. This time we are not looking for the ultimate list, but for the best album. We also do this slightly differently than you are used to from us. With a tournament and an option to vote via Instagram. On to the G.A.O.A.T. (Greatest Album Of All Time)!

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